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MIRALab SARL is a Geneva-based R&D company specialised in the scientific areas of Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence and developing technologies such as Interactive Virtual Humans, Virtual Fashion Simulation, Virtual Cultural Heritage, Medical Simulation, Virtual Hair Simulation, Emotion and Personality Simulation and Intelligent Social Robots. MIRALab SARL was founded by Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Prof. Daniel Thalmann as a spin-off of the renowned research lab MIRALab from the University of Geneva which has been since its establishment in 1989 in the forefront of the mentioned scientific areas. As a spin-off of the research lab MIRALab, MIRALab SARL inherits the decades’ long experience in scientific research and the experience gained in more than 50 European projects and the many leading companies the research lab collaborated with. As a company, MIRALab SARL is carrying on the scientific research and innovations of the research lab and explores new ways to commercialize the applied research.