Active@Home -AAL JP Programme

Active@Home -AAL JP Programme

Active@Home is an interactive video game based training with dance and Tai Chi elements

The Active@Home Project intends to increase physical activity of older adults, while motivating them through captivating and challenging exergames tailored for fall prevention.

Active@Home is an interactive video game based training with dance and Tai Chi elements. The proposed solution, focusing on physical but also cognitive and social aspects, aims at promoting physical activity at home and foster fall prevention.

MIRALab contribution

System Development and Integration

Investigation phase

Investigating the health application of the different form of Tai-Chi in the context of our Exergame and validate its use.

Documentation of the Tai-Chi performance:

  • Meeting with Tai-Chi professor
  • Interview to identify and validate the medical application of Tai-Chi
  • Video recording session
  • Mocements classifications

ExerGaming management system design and development. 

Producing virtual characters for the exergame and modelling body movements for dance and Tai Chi exercise, which will be inserted in the system and will be used for movement/posture matching in the algorithms running in the frontend application, which will enable correct validation of the movements/postures performed by the user.

Designing and producing the 3D prints component for user motion tracking.


More about Active@Home project

Investigation phase

Tai-Chi and Dance Motion capture session

Cartoon-based avatar models, man and woman

Mocap transfer

Testing the usability and effects of the developed exergame