The Night of Science, Museum of Science, July 9-10, 2022, Geneva

The night of Science in Geneva is a premier event to show all inventions linked to new technologies, and humanities. This event brings together thousands of people, mostly from the public to come and see various innovations and interactive installations. It is located at the lake of Geneva, in a beautiful parc.

La Nuit de la Science: Reenacting 3D Craftsmen

Mingei is a European research project in cultural heritage. Its main goal is to assure the perennity of certain gestures and attitudes when former people were doing crafts.  Through digital simulation, we can preserve the intangible heritage.

MIRALab has presented videos of the “making of” of the digital craft people who are reproducing the gestures of our 3 activities: Demonstration of the carafe making process Glass, the Jacquard weaving process ( SILK) and the mastic cultivation Mastic.